Monday, March 25, 2013

The Best Sooner I've Ever Met

As the title implies Sarah, unfortunately, is an OU Sooner.  Thankfully though that's where the negatives about her end.  Unlike the other people that I've interviewed so far I only recently met Sarah through some mutual friends.  With all new introductions Maily warned her beforehand about my lack of a verbal filter; we all got along great and now Sarah and I have become friends pretty quickly.  Of Lebanese decent she grew up in Tulsa and then graduated from that god-awful school in Norman.  She left there (like most intelligent people) to come to Texas and teach your kids.  Braving all of my UT paraphernalia she came over last Wednesday to eat my first attempt at cooking an Asian inspired meal and answer some questions.  Since she's still alive I know I didn't poison her or if I did it's some exotic Asian virus that has yet to attack- sneak attacks are very common in Asian virus's. and Thumb wars.

B:  So... Current relationship status?
S: Single and bitter (slight smile).  I don’t want to date- I just feel like I want to be alone. I'd like to go into a hole and just be alone. 
B: Why?
S: From everything that’s happened with my last relationship. Have you ever felt like you needed something to define you?  I feel like that definitely defined me.

B: What do want to do in your alone time
S: Get back in the shape I was before I was married.  
B:  I didn't know you were married?
S:  Married, separated before our 1 year anniversary, and divorced for 6 months then I met (NAME REDACTED).

B: Why didn't the marriage work out?
S: He was Muslim and in the end he couldn't deal with me not being Muslim.  We met through friends and things were really good for awhile.  We dated for 6 months before we married and in the end he couldn't deal with my past, he couldn't get over certain things while hounding me about them.  I don’t hate him because of lot of it was family pressure but in the end we broke up because we had to.
B: Would you do it all again knowing what you know now?
S:  Yes. He was a good guy; born and raised Muslim and it just didn't work out.  No one has ever asked me that but yes.

B: Since you've already been  married and it didn't work, what would be your perfect guy?  Do you look for the perfect guy or do have standards that are more realistic and attainable?
S:  They're one in the same to me.  He would be hard working, honest, have a friendly/ social attitude, posses integrity and honor. Overall he'd just be a man.  I hate men that are pussies.  I also look for someone that is genuine and loving.
B:  What about height, almost everyone says tall- like six foot plus.
S:  I just want him taller than me, preferably in heels.
B:  How tall are you?
S: 5'1"
B: Awesome

B: What about chemistry, what do you look for on a date?
S:  I think the last time I went on a date was September, but in general table manners.  How he treats the server, how the conversation goes, I’m OCD so I look for random habits and other things.  Putting me first is something I want- choosing me instead of always going out with their friends or small thoughtful things. I've never had flowers bought for me.  While I know that's not a big deal its something that I want.  Just thoughtful things, on my birthday make it about me, show me you care.  
B: What about lack of chemistry or turnoffs?
S:  Being on the phone whole time or if you're in the car with them and they don't wear their seat-belt. 
B:  People still do that, I don't know anyone who doesn't wear their seat-belt?
S:  The guy I was with in Houston did that this weekend.  
B: Strange..
S:  Also someone that talks about sex the whole time.  That's annoying.

B: Do you think you'll get married again?
S: At this point I don’t think so- I’d like to but I don't think so.... I’d really like to, I really want kids.  I would have a kid out of wedlock if my dad would allow it but he would never speak to me again.

B:  Have you ever dated one of your friends?
S:  Yes - right away I knew it couldn't work out. It was built up too much and didn't work out.  That was the only time

B:  What makes you uncomfortable in a relationship?
S: People I don’t know- if random people start coming around that I don’t know.
I also know now not to ignore the red flags: Lies- inconsistency with friends or family, no job and not being financially stable.  You have to find someone who is going to save you and you save them. 

B: Do you think being in a relationship makes your life easier or harder?
S:  Both- easier in the sense someone's there to help pick you up without whatever your burdened with, harder because they are a pain in the ass. 

B: What do you think about love?
S:  Non-existent

B:  Does monogamy scare you?
S:  No. 
B:  Just right now it does?
S:  Yeah I don’t want anybody.  I’m extremely faithful though

B:  Since we both love food, what's your favorite place to eat?
S:  PF Changs, I love it.  I also really like Chaucer's sushi and Boiling Crab.
B: What's your favorite meal?
S:  My mom's cooking (big smile).  When I go home that's all I want is her cooking, she always asks me what I want and I'm fine with whatever she cooks.  My favorite dish of hers is this Lebanese meal with raw meat, tabuli, and cauliflower- that's the best thing I've ever had.
Singles dinner at my place
B:  What are some of your hobbies?
S:  Reading- I love to read, I used to love romance novels but not anymore.  I read a lot of John  Grisham's work too.  I'm addicted to boxing right now.  I have so much fun there, it's a great workout and they hold you accountable when you miss. TV wise I love snooki and jwow more than anything in the world. Snooki and jwow are the best thing to ever happen to tv.
B:  There is so much wrong with that statement
S:  Its brainless and mindless but I enjoy ever second.  I love reality TV
B:  If they were going to film a reality TV show about you what would it be called?
S:  'What the Fuck were you Thinking'
B: hahahahaha

B: Do you want something to drink?
S:  I'd love some water.
B:  You don't drink do you, I just thought about that from the singles dinner we had over here.
Pretty awesome painting 
S:  No, I don’t drink at all.  I don’t want to worry about a drink, If I'm dancing then I want to dance and not worry about getting another drink.  We're doing this painting and wine class tomorrow and I don't even drink (finished work on the left).

B:  What about vacation, if you could go anywhere in the world and money was no object where would you go and with who?
S:  I'd love to go to Beirut on the resort with all my friends to stay on the beach and party.  They also have a casino and I love to gamble and play cards.  Normally when I go I have to stay in small towns with my family.  Beirut is very expensive and I've never been when I can just enjoy everything about the city.  Realistically though it's Miami.  Laying out, going to the clubs and meeting pit bull and marrying him.  I’m finally working out and I want to show my stuff.  I don’t want to leave the country any more, after the last time in Paris where they were so rude to us I just don't care to go.
B:  What about Mexico?
S:  Yeah-Mexico, but that's just southern Texas
B:  What's your favorite season?
S:  Summer, right at the beginning and right at the end when it's not too hot.  A temperature where I don’t have to wear a lot of clothes.  

B:  What's the most beautiful thing to you?
S:  My family; all in one place, healthy and alive.

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  1. I recently met Sarah and I do not think she gives herself enough credit...I don't appreciate the Debbie downer talk at all. Standards need to be a priority at all times and I want her to read the book I told her! Also one last thing, trash cans are good for one thing.